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Warringa Surf - The fabulous Gold Cost

Warringa Surf is perfectly positioned to take advantage of all that the Gold Coast has to offer.
The Gold Coast is Australia's favourite tourist destinations uniquely located along some of the finest beach front the world has to offer and backdropped by heritage listed rainforests and mountains.
The diversity of the landscape makes it a popular choice with a wide range visitors by having something for everyone from fun in the sun to rainforest escapes.
Over many years the tourism and service industry has developed to provide world class amenities along with attractions and activities for every visitor. Whether you're looking for dining excellence, day spas, action packed theme parks and attractions, nature escapes, nightlife or relaxing days on the beach the Gold Coast has it all.


Beach The Gold Coast is best known for its beautiful long sandy beaches and fine surfing conditions. Warringa Surf is only 100 meters from a fully patrolled surf beach. Here you can just lie and sun bake on the fine golden sands or swim safely in the clear clean surf. For surfers, mornings almost always provide light offshore conditions and there is usually a wave to be had on the many uncrowded banks. Whilst summer provides the biggest swells, winter mornings can be clean and perfect.

Theme parks

Theme Parks The Gold Coasts boasts five awesome theme parks. Sea World (6.1km), Dream World (24.7km), Movie World (21.8km), Wet and Wild (21.8km) and White Water World (24.7km). These parks entertain millions of visitors each year with their thrilling rides and live shows. Tickets are available from Jiana at our tour desk. Transport to all theme parks is within a few minutes walk from Warringa.


Enjoy a casual walk or a short bus trip to Pacific Fair (2.9km), the Gold Coast's premier shopping center with over 300 stores. Not satisfied, then the local bus can deliver you to any of the other major centers on the Gold Coast including Harbour Town, Robina and Australia Fair.


Mono Rail Conrad Jupiter's Casino (2.2km) is just up the road. You can walk or bus or taxi or why not have a few drinks in Broadbeach and then hop on the monorail to the Casino. Have some fun with international shows, restaurants and bars. Perhaps go home a winner. A recent Warringa guest won a $14,000 jackpot on a 1 cent poker machine.


A huge selection of Nightclubs, Bars and licensed clubs are accessible from Warringa Surf. As a rule, Broadbeach ( tends to cater for the more mature crowd while the under 25's love Surfers but don't be afraid to mix and match. At the end of the evening you can just stroll back to Warringa for a pleasant nights sleep.


Hard Rock Warringa is placed between Broadbeach (1.5km) (over 80 restaurants) and Surfers Paradise (1.8km) with its many restaurants interspersed between its specialty shops and tourist attractions. All dining preferences and budgets are catered for. Italian, French, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Australian and much more. If dining is your passion then you will be in for a treat.

The Mountains

Ok, so you've heard all about our fabulous beaches. But for some, our beautiful hinterland is the gem. Rainforest, waterfalls, walking tracks, birdlife, markets, glow worm caves, vineyards and much much more. Catch the bus from Warringa to the mountain for the day.

Gold Coast Marathon

Warringa Surf is the perfect place for Gold Coast Marathon runners and spectators alike.
The race is staged annually on the first weekend in July. More ....

International Travellers Information


The minimum legal 'drinking' age is 18. When going to bars and nightclubs, you should carry identification to prove you are at least 18 years old. You may not be let in otherwise. No one may buy liquor from a bar or liquor store (bottle shop) unless they are at least 18 years. Buying liquor for a 'minor' is illegal.

Gold Coast Car RentalCar Rental

Rental cars are freely available on the Gold Coast from Budget, Avis, Hertz, Thrifty, Europcar and several smaller operators. Vehicles are generally no more than eight months old, with automatic transmission and air-conditioning. Renters have to be 21 or older and hold a current driver's licence. An international license is not necessary.

Gold Coast ClimateClimate
The subtropical Gold Coast has bright, sunny days (300 of them a year!). It's quite warm in summer and mild in winter and there is really no 'bad' time to visit. Seasons in Australia are the reverse of North America and Europe. Summer is December to February (20-30°C), Autumn (fall) March to May (15-25°C), Winter June to August (11 -22°C), and Spring September to November (15-25°C).

The Australian dollar is divided into 100 cents. One and two cent coins are no longer in circulation, but many items in shops and supermarkets are priced in odd amounts, such as $1.97 or $9.99. The law provides that the TOTAL bill is rounded up or down to the nearest 5 cents. So $19.97 becomes $19.95, $19.98 becomes $20.00. Coin denominations are 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c $1 and $2. Notes are $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100, are colour coded and made from a plastic compound that will survive a wash or a swim.

Credit Cards
All banks have automated teller machines (ATMs) accessible 24-hours a day, generally outside the branch or in the foyer. Check with your card issuer that your charge or account-linked credit card can be used in this way, and at which bank as none accept every brand of card. Be warned, cash snatching is not uncommon so be conscious of the people around you and avoid ATMs in dark or seemingly deserted places.

Driving in AustraliaDriving Information
Australians drive on the left, which can be disconcerting for visitors used to driving on the right side of the road. Roads are generally good and major routes well signposted. Speed limits and distances are expressed in kilometres and vary substantially from 50 kph in residential and heavy traffic areas to 110 kph on freeways. Drink driving is a serious offence and heavily policed. The legal limit of .05% is quite low - roughly equivalent to two small glasses of wine in the first hour and one an hour thereafter for men, less for women.


The Gold Coast has two daily newspapers, The Gold Coast Bulletin, and the Courier Mail (Queensland wide). The Sunday edition is called the Sunday Mail. A national broadsheet, The Australian, appears daily except Sunday, as does a national business tabloid, The Australian Financial Review.

Medical Services
Australian health care professionals are highly trained and medical services are among the best in the world. Visitors from the UK, New Zealand and Finland are entitled to free or heavily subsidised medical and hospital care under reciprocal national health care agreements with the taxpayer funded Medicare organisation. All other visitors should take out travel insurance ( when visiting Australia. Several Australian-based travel insurers have special cover for visitors which are very much less expensive than travel cover sold in the US, for instance. Major hotels have doctors on-call.

Prescription Drugs

Visitors who have a medical condition requiring treatment should ensure they carry a letter from their doctor outlining their condition and the medication required. This is also important if the drug is uncommon or contains narcotics, which may be a restricted import. Most medication is available in Australia, but only on a doctor's prescription. Prescription drugs are dispensed by qualified pharmacist at `pharmacies' or `chemist' shops.

Gold Coast Rail ServicesRail Services
Queensland Rail provides numerous daily services between Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Telephone Transinfo on 13 12 30 for route and ticket information.

The Gold Coast is home to a dazzling array of places to eat. From relaxed beach cafes to elegant restaurants, there's something to tease every taste and every budget. You can pick up a restaurant guide from your accommodation or local information centres on arrival, or ask the locals where they like to eat!

Travellers Cheques
Travellers cheques, especially in foreign currencies, are generally NOT accepted EXCEPT by hotels and big stores and tourist shops. These display a `travellers cheques welcome' sign. Cash your cheques at a bank or Bureau de Change to ensure you have enough spending money. The same holds true for foreign currency, which is not generally accepted by Australian businesses and shops.


No service charge applies in Australia. Tipping is not mandatory but a tip in restaurants and hotel bars is optional for exceptional service.


Visitors to Australia will require a visitor visa that allows for stays in Australia of up to 12 weeks. There is no charge for a visitor visa application, however a Form 48R must be completed. This form is available from any Australian Embassy or Consulate.